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AVIATOR is a open Valve Research Network from the Heart Valve Society aiming at gathering international physicians and scientists involved in dystrophic aortic insufficiency including ascending aorta aneurysm as well as in the development of aortic valve repair with the goal to combine forces and share experience in order to advance knowledge in this field.


The AVIATOR Registry is intended to provide a unique data base for health care organizations and institutions taking care of patients with certain types of heart valve disease, including ascending aorta aneurysm and/or isolated aortic insufficiency, and/or planned for aortic valve or ascending aorta surgery for valve repair or valve replacement. Participation in the AVIATOR Registry is voluntary, and all health care institutions and organizations choosing to participate are required to sign a Participation Agreement, and agree to the AVIATOR Protocol as to submission of data, strict patient confidentiality and annual follow up. The information contained in the AVIATOR Registry is provided with the understanding that the material is designed for research, educational and informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment.

The multicentric AVIATOR registry is the property of the HVS and therefore endorses the responsibility of the multicentric data base and any multicentric publication validated by the scientific committee. All data and related materials on this site are the products of the participating health care institutions and organizations which are solely responsible for their content. The opinions and views of one participating health care institution and organization do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the AVIATOR Registry and valve research network from HVS.

What is the AVIATOR registry?

It is an open international prospective registry who has been established to provide sufficient patient numbers, to evaluate the guidelines by a systematic uniform registration of patient characteristic, procedural aspects, and follow-up for the purpose of: (1) optimized multidisciplinary patient care, (2) uniform scientific reporting, and (3) assessment of quality of care. The data will be disseminated in peer-reviewed journals, at conferences and provide feedback to patient support groups. Finally, the registry will encourage centers to audit their own practice.

The AVIATOR Registry is Under scientific responsibility of the Heart Valve Society and is compliant with with International Council for Harmonisation and Good clinical practices (ICH/GCP).

Each center remains the owner of its data and can upload retrospective patients from local database.