Aortic Valve Insufficiency and Ascending Aorta Aneurysm International Registry (AVIATOR)
Aortic Valve Repair - AVIATOR

Our Mission

Is to provide a unique database (Aviator registry) open to any center taking care of patients with ascending aorta aneurysm (including root and/or supra coronary aorta) and/or isolated aortic insufficiency (including mixed congenital aortic valve disease) and/or planned for aortic valve or ascending aorta surgery for valve repair or valve replacement in order to evaluate the guidelines for surgical indication as well as the place of repair versus replacement with special focus on long term patients outcomes.

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How to join the AVIATOR Valve Research Network

The AVIATOR staff wants to make joining AVAITOR as simple as possible. Follow the three simple steps to joining AVAITOR and start inputting data soon!

1 Participation in the AVAITOR Registry is completely free, however one person of the team needs to be a member of the Heart Valve Society.
Membership Application
2 Fill out the Participation Agreement and send to
3 Once the AVIATOR staff has had a chance to review your application and create a profile for you, you will receive your personal login access to the database for each member of your team.