The Aortic Valve Research Network from the Heart Valve Society is aiming at gathering international physicians and scientists involved in aortic valve disease with the goal to combine forces and share experience in order to advance knowledge in this field. To do so, the Heart Valve Society Aortic Valve Database has been created. This international prospective database has been established to provide sufficient patient numbers, to evaluate the guidelines for surgical indication as well as the place of aortic valve repair versus replacement in patients with aortic valve stenosis or regurgitation. It will ascertain a systematic uniform registration of patient characteristic, in depth procedural aspects, and follow-up for the purpose of:
Optimized multidisciplinary patient care Assessment of quality of care
Uniform scientific reporting Update and improve guidelines
We are aiming to improve outcomes for patients with aortic valve stenosis or regurgitiation.

Patient Population

Patient Population
The HVS Aortic Valve Database includes the following patient populations:
AR Patients operated on because of AR (including congenital mixed aortic valve disease) and/or aortic aneurysms (root and tubular ascending aorta).

AS Patients with aortic stenosis receiving a surgical or transcatheter AV replacement, that are below the age of 65

It is also possible to only add AR or AS patients in the database.

Good reasons to participate

Clinically oriented database
A clinically orientated database where you can search each patient by his name (compliant with US and EU regulation for safety of personal data) and directly visualize a patients’ medical summary with echo table online or printable as PDF form.
Extraction of own results
The possibility to extract data of your own patients at any time, with access to all HVS Aortic Valve Database variables.
Initiating your own research and/or participate in multicenter analysis. Possibility to include extra variables in the database specific to your center.

How to join the HVS Aortic Valve Database

If your institution wishes to participate in the HVS Aortic Valve Database, please follow these three steps and you are ready to input data shortly!
1 Participation in the HVS Aortic Valve Database is completely free, however one person of the team needs to be a member of the Heart Valve Society.
Membership Application
2 Fill out the Participation Agreement and send to
3 Once the HVS Aortic Valve Database staff has had a chance to review your application and create a profile for you, you will receive your personal login access to the database for each member of your team.