Below you can find the HVS Aortic Valve Database Protocol, which can be adapted to submit to the ethics committee of your institution.

Download protocol

Data Collection
The data of the HVS Aortic Valve Database is collected via an online CRF (accessible via To facilitate the data collection, the paper CRF can be downloaded below which can be used in the clinic/OR. Afterwards, the data can be transmitted to the online database.

The data dictionary contains an in-depth description of all variables included in the database.

Download paper CRF (original version)
Download paper CRF (version without patient name)
Download data dictionary

Informed Consent
Here you can find a template informed consent letter that you can use and adjust to your local institutional setting.

Data entry
Data entry is possible directly online (patient by patient), but if a center has a good local database, it is possible to use the upload facility.
Download manual online (patient by patient) data entry
Download manual data-batch upload